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Misdiagnosis Association and Research Institute (MARI) is a nonprofit, multidisciplinary academic organization focused on research in the fields of misdiagnosis, malpractice, and error in medicine. MARI collaborates with more than 600 professors, academic professionals, and researchers from around the world.This organization is dedicated to finding the root causes of error in medicine and addresses them through awareness, education, and proactive research. MARI Consultation is a for-profit subsidiary of the Misdiagnosis Association and Research Institute (MARI) and aims to connect world-class medical malpractice lawyers, expert physicians, and clinicians to patients, medical professionals, and others seeking justice in the medical field.In order to achieve this aim, MARI Consultation has developed a system to guide and connect specialists in the field of medical law and healthcare to patients and other medical professionals who are involved in malpractice, error in medicine related lawsuits, and are seeking retribution from injustices in the healthcare system. MARI Consultation aims to facilitate resources to lawyers, healthcare professionals, and patients in order to allow them to make informed, responsible, and accurate decisions. Allow us to provide you with a deeper understanding of your medical-legal situation and move forward knowing that your next steps will be well informed and beneficial, not only to you but to all participants in the world of healthcare.


To help patients, healthcare workers, and legal professionals to improve healthcare quality, and facilitate meaningful connections in the United States of America and expand our mission worldwide.


The Misdiagnosis Association and Research Institute (MARI) and all its subsidiaries, including but not limited to MARI Consultation, are not involved in any kind of medical or law practice and are not members of any medical board college or Law Association/BAR in the United States or any other country. All decisions made on your legal journey remain your responsibility. MARI Consultation facilitates information and awareness to make those decisions with all the information. MARI Consultation does not take any responsibility for decisions made following consultation or legal actions taken. 


Nine Years of Experience

In 2012, our president Dr. Pooya KM Beigi MD established Mari with physicians, nurses, pharmacists, students, and other professionals in order to pursue the goal of preventing medical error and misdiagnosis and providing the general public with a safe and error-free environment in healthcare. The results of this pursuit, to date, have been the publication of numerous medical textbooks and more than 195 scientific papers.

Professionals From the World's Academic Hubs

More than 500 professors, researchers, legal professionals, and healthcare professionals are currently working alongside Mari and collaborating to achieve our goals. These experts have dedicated their lives to the field of medical law, healthcare, and medical science to improve healthcare and public service worldwide. Our experts have a variety of knowledge and understand all manner of medical and legal systems around the world. MARI Consultation is able to draw from years and years of experience and all manner of expertise to bring you the best understanding and awareness of your legal situation.

A Fresh and Comprehensive Perspective

This organization incorporates lawyers, medical doctors, and health care professionals, from the top academic universities and research centers around the world, to create an inclusive and well-rounded team to address every aspect of medical malpractice. MARI Consultation will offer a fresh and comprehensive perspective on your medical-legal journey and will open your eyes to a multitude of angles at which you can approach your situation.

What we do

for general public


Any kind of error, delay, or even omission in diagnosis or failure to employ indicated tests, the use of outdated tests or therapies, failure to act on results of monitoring or testing, or other such mistakes.

Medical Negligence

A breach of the legal duty of care by a medical professional at a medical Institute. This includes any situation wherein an individual or process causes harm to a patient in care.


Failure of a physician or any healthcare professional, to render proper services through reprehensible ignorance or negligence, or through criminal intent, especially in instances resulting in injury, loss, or any improper negligent practice, misconduct, and/or misuse.

Error in Treatment

The avoidable delay in treatment and adequate follow-up after treatment, errors related to anesthesia or other medical techniques, hospital-acquired infections, or other such errors.


An act or a statement of misdirection, hiding intent or truth, promoting a belief, concept, or idea that is false or unsupported by evidence. This is often done for personal gain or advantage and may result in patients feeling a sense of deception, dishonesty caused by fabrication or misrepresentation of data.

Patient Advocacy

support for patient communication with healthcare providers to secure the information that you would need to make decisions regarding your healthcare and legal rights. We are able to provide patients with the required information on how to set up appointments for doctors' visits, medical tests, and other necessary medical resources, and support them in the pursuit of financial, legal, and social support.

What we do

for Healthcare Professionals

Legal and Ethical Issues

Medical specialists and other healthcare professionals continuously faced ethical and legal issues in the workplace, putting them at risk for potential lawsuits or other ethical conundrums. MARI Consultation is able to provide tangible research-based and evidence-based information required in assisting such concerns.

Consultation for other Healthcare Professionals

Many healthcare professionals, including nurses, pharmacists, physicians, etc. struggle with lawsuits and court paperwork. Our legal experts are able to consult on and facilitate the path to solutions for these problems.


Collaborative Lawyers


Lawsuit Cases



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